EMIRTA Research Training and Development Institute

Development and Project Management Services

EMIRTA is dedicated to enhancing people's lives via the creation and delivery of updated development solutions.We are keen to provide the most current and high-level consultancy and project management services with a focus on developing and enhancing value, capacity, and resilience in the social and development spheres in Ethiopia and beyond.

EMIRTA proffers innovative and sustainable development solutions by reimagining and combining global and indigenous knowledge and approaches to complex development challenges.

We design people-centred projects based on identified needs in response to current and anticipated development challenges.

We focus on maximizing benefits and returns to investments. We design and implement projects by our adept professionals in areas of health, social sciences, engineering, agriculture and education.

Services We Provide

  • Designing,developing implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects
  • Strategic, tactical and operational plan development
  • Advisory services in entrepreneurship and business
  • Knowledge adoption, improvement, creation, and management services
  • Implementation of projects on indigenous knowledge,culture
  • Organization capacity and risk assessments and advisory
  • Forecasting and measuring developments and social outcomes