EMIRTA Research Training and Development Institute

Exploring Decolonisation in Ethiopia: A discussion to explore the relevance of decolonising Ethiopian scientific knowledge production and societal development.

This webinar aims to explore in a collegiate and conversational manner between project dldl/ድልድል and EMIRTA/እምርታ Institute of Research, Training and Development in Ethiopia the relevance and value of decolonisation movements and decolonial reflexivity in the context of Ethiopian scientific knowledge production, especially as relevant to societal development.

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EMIRTA confers free career development training to Addis Ababa University (AAU) graduating class (GC) students

EMIRTA, in collaboration with AAU's student career development centre, provided career development training to AAU GC students. The training, which aimed to orient GC students on potential post-graduation opportunities, was divided into three rounds, each with three chapters, and 250 GC students from the law, business, and economics schools participated.

The first chapter of the training, led by Dr Taddese A Zerfu, an EMIRTA researcher, focused on career development planning and scholarship search skills. Dr Tariku Nigatu led the second chapter, which focused on job searching, interviewing skills, and other related issues. Ms Rahel Kassa and Mr Mekonen Geberemichel led the final chapter, which focused on business development for interested graduates with a plan to start their own business. Dr Kassu Jilcha, director of AAU's student career development center, delivered closing remarks.