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Ethical Quallity(EQ) + Intellectual Quality(IQ)

ብቁ እና ግብረ ገብ

EMIRTA’s tutoring project is a coaching network that is designed to effectually aid students’ development by providing access to professional tutors and trainers who will assist students and youths with their academic work, moral and ethical advancement, emotional intelligence, and soft-skills development.

The contents of the service embraces regular lessons, general knowledge, moral and ethical lessons and soft-skill trainings as self-learning techniques, communication and presentation skills, time management skills, systematic technology usage skills, etc.

The services are provided through tailored and customized tutoring and training modalities backed with joint evaluation system. Face-to-face services such as door-to-door one-on-one tutoring vis-à-vis training sessions, group learning and/or blended or mixed modalities are also used. The service is also provided by utilizing E-learning technologies i.e., through using social media platforms, tele-education and web-based interactive educational platforms.

The unique values of EMIRTA’s tutoring service lies on the employment of evidenced teaching methods; demand-driven operative soft-skill trainings; specialized training programmes on indigenous knowledge; inculcation of expert role-model experience and skills sharing programmes; embedment of moral and ethical lessons in the coaching services; the active involvement of parents; and existence of service evaluation and improvement through employing evidence-based researches and assessments.

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